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Rage Management Atlanta GeorgiaRage Management is designed to help you understand how to control anger that usually results to being overly aggressive and physical toward another person

There are people who are angry in the world; the type who can go from being just mildly annoyed to furious and remain in control of themselves and the situation that has angered them.  And then there are others that go from bothered to ballistic in mere seconds. There are times when you witness such a person get really angry about a certain situation in that he or she shouts, curses or even physically attack someone who might or might not cause the incident.  Lashing out in verbal and physical ways that are very uncharacteristic of the persons normal behavior.  A basic example of this behavior happens wherein a person gets out of the car and furiously charges at another vehicle owner who might have caused an accident in which the angered person is involved.  This might even lead to fatal situations because the uncontrollable anger is there.  You might even be one of those persons that were directly affected by this form of anger or you could be the one that displays this form of behavior.

This type of behavior is commonly known as rage and is controlled with Rage Management.  It is a type of anger that usually results to being overly aggressive and physical toward another person.  This is a very impulsive act which explains why a person does these things even though there may be a lot people watching.  They do not care about the embarrassment – at least not  until the person gets over his or her emotion.  After their rage, they would often become conscious and feel ashamed of what they have done.  Rage affects two parties – the person who has exhibited the behavior and the individual or group who became the recipient and witness of the persons rage.  Rage could affect a person’s life, career and relationship.  There are even those who seemingly have no control of their emotions as they can display rage with little provocation.

Do I need Rage Management help?Rage Management Atlanta GA

The following may indicate that you need rage management help:

  • You have trouble with the authorities (the law).
  • You frequently feel that you have to hold in your anger.
  • You have numerous arguments with people around you, especially
    your partner, parents, children or colleagues.
  • You find yourself involved in fights.
  • You hit your partner or children.
  • You threaten violence to people or property.
  • You have outbursts where you break things.
  • You lose your temper when driving and become reckless.
  • You think that perhaps you do need help.

If this sounds like you please contact Anger Solutions Atlanta to schedule an appointment so that you can learn take control of your rage…instead of your rage controlling you.

Anger Solutions Atlanta will, upon evaluating your circumstance, design a Rage Management curriculum pertaining to your individual needs . As a client, you can expect to receive the tools necessary to manage your rage, stress, and emotional well-being.  Anger Solutions Atlanta  classes are designed to help you understand your angers, stresses, and emotions, and their triggers and learn how to deal with each of them in a positive way.   You will learn why you get angry and/or stressed, how to manage your anger and/or stress and how you can control anger and stress so that it doesn’t control you.

We have Rage Management Solutions to your rage related problems.

One of our Rage Management goals is to teach acceptable ways of expressing anger.  By gaining a better understanding of ourselves, we will learn to better control our anger and stress so that it does not lead to violent outburst or actions that are harmful to ourselves or others.  We will also learn different techniques for stress management and enhancing our emotional intelligence.  We will devote each lesson to assertiveness and improving communications so that we may become better listeners and communicators to prevent angry/stressful situations.

Angry people want you to see how powerful they are… loving people want you to see how powerful You are.” – Chief Red Eagle

Our Rage Management Sessions are affordable and we accept the following forms of payment:

Anger Management Payment Types Accepted

Anger Solutions Atlanta is an Anderson and Anderson™ Of Brentwood, CA Certified Anger Management Provider.

Call (404)437-9977 to schedule an Anger Management Assessment for Rage Management in Atlanta Georgia.

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