One Day Anger Management Class

Accelerated 1 Day Anger Management ClassesAnger Solutions Atlanta offers an Accelerated One Day Anger Management Class teaching their Certified Model of Anger Management

This One Day Anger Management Class is intended for individuals that have been mandated by an employer, H.R. Department, local, county, or state court system; a probation services department; by the Solicitor Generals office; or a systems evaluator. This class is designed for those that are required to attend ‘hourly’ sessions as opposed to ‘weekly’ sessions. Please be sure to verify with your appointing party as to which category you fall under, as ‘weekly’ mandated individuals may only attend our Wednesday classes or individual, one-on-one sessions.

Other individuals that are pre-trial or volunteer may also attend the accelerated One Day Anger Management Class to fulfill their ‘Anger Management Class’ requirements.

For those individuals that would like to attend Anger Solutions Atlanta’s accelerated One Day Anger Management Class you must preregister by calling  (404)437-9977 as walk-ins are not permitted.


At Anger Solutions Atlanta our Accelerated One Day Anger Management Class is designed to facilitate the teaching of the Anderson and Anderson model of anger management : ” RE-CONNECTING YOU: A Complete Guide to Anger Management” by Omega Angell. During the course of this class clients can expect to learn the tools necessary for:

•Anger Management

•Stress Management


•Emotional Intelligence

Upon completion of the Anger Solution Atlanta One Day Anger Management Class curriculum each client will receive:

•A copy of the book “RE-Connecting YOU” the curriculum facilitated by Anger Solutions Atlanta

•A Letter of Completion detailing our curriculum and the amount of hours a client has attended addressed to employers, H.R. Departments, courts, Judges, probation department, etc. as required.

•A Certificate Of Completion from the Certified Anger Management Facilitators of Anger Solutions Atlanta


Attendees of Anger Solutions Atlanta Accelerated Anger Management Class are required to bring all court ordered documentation or employer documentation (unless the client is pretrial or volunteer) for the completion of their letters of completion. This class is held daily from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM at our Grant Park Location. PAYMENT IS REQUIRED, paid in full, on the day of attendance. Anger Solutions Atlanta accepts CASH, VISA, MASTER CARD, & AMERICAN EXPRESS. Anger Solutions Atlanta does not accept insurance or personal checks. Payment includes all materials, facilitation of class, letters of completion and a certificate of completion.

Attendees are expected to arrive at 8:50 AM. A facilitator will meet with the individual or group at our Grant Park location to escort them to the Anger Solutions Atlanta offices. We will take two 15 minute breaks during the course of the day, (at 11;00 AM & 3:30 PM) and a lunch at 1:00 PM. Attendees may either bring their own lunch or extra money for lunch, as there are many restaurant options near our location. Our accelerated anger management class is typically finished by 5:30 PM, but attendees are advised to allow for extra time for the completion of all letters and certificates of completion.

We are conveniently located in historic Grant Park near the intersection of I-20 and the I-75/85 connector . Our office is close to Zoo Atlanta, Cyclorama,and Grant Park  in Fulton County. We offer free parking, 24 hour security, a spacious and comfortable office/conference room, and complimentary refreshments. We look forward to working with you.

The next “One Day” Atlanta Anger Management Classes will be held February 17th and 24th and March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st !!!— Call Now— (404)437-9977… reserve your seat today!

Our One Day Anger Management Classes are affordable and we accept the following forms of payment:

Anger Management Payment Types Accepted

Anger Solutions Atlanta is an Anderson and Anderson™ Of Brentwood, CA Certified Anger Management Provider.

Call (404)437-9977 to register for any of our Atlanta Georgia One Day Anger Management Classes.

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